Sunday, 30 March 2014

New begining :)

Mawang , 20
From Farnborough, England
Southampton Solent University
Shoe freak & A Shopaholic
Facebook: Mawang tamang
Instagram: Mawang17
lookbook: mawang tamang

Why did i start a fashion blog?
I have always been a man with few words, what i wear gives me confidence to face the world everyday, its a way of expressing myself.

Who are my biggest inspirations & why?
When it comes to fashion, in no particular order
Kanye West simply because i believe everything that he wears is an instant trend,
G-dragon, kpop singer, songwriter, producer, model, biggest fashion icon in Asia i believe
Choi seung hyun (TOP) not only is his fashion sense good, if i had an option to be anyone , it would be him because he just a pure gentleman.
Also other artists such as Chris Breezy , Swizz beatz, Pharrell Williams

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